Wednesday, December 7, 2016

10. Confession of the heart

10. Confession of the heart

It's almost a week since the young medical student Dimitris, visited the wise ascetic elder at the chapel of the Archangels, up on the mountain.
Their discussion on various spiritual topics and especially the sacrament of confession, had captivated him. Throughout the week, he tried to study and discover, as much as it was possible, the errors and passions of his soul and to write them down. He was determined to confess them to the wise elder priest and ask him to guide him on the spiritual path he had already begun.
Now, he is happily going up the path through the forest, which would soon bring him closer to his divinely inspired guide.
The joy of the ascetic elder was obvious, when he saw the young student sitting next to him and asking him to hear his confession.

-My beloved child Dimitris, this moment is the most holy and sacred in your life. It is the first time that you will confess to the king of our world and our God, to our Lord Jesus Christ. So I wish that your confession will open the door of blessings, so you can live the real paradise of your soul.
-What is the real paradise of the soul, father?
-It is the absolute joy and happiness that someone feels when he will be worthy, with the grace of the Holy Spirit, to live secretly in his soul, the infinite motherly love that our heavenly Father has for all His children.
-I would like very much, holy father, to feel it too!
-But that's why you are here now, my child. So I can help you walk on that path, that will quickly bring you to the kingdom of absolute happiness, which is the divine heart of our heavenly Father.
-Does confession help this?
-But, of course, because without it you cannot start your spiritual life.
-In confession what should we say?
-All mistakes and sins we made and hurt our heavenly Father. First of all, we say the greatest, which were the reason we have distanced ourselves from His embrace, and then the lesser ones.
-What are the greatest sins, holy father?
-They are firstly the ones we make against our God and then those we make against our fellow men. Those, however, we make against our Creator God are the worst. Those people that fall into these sins, allow the demons to easily rule and dominate their souls.
-What are these sins?
-The greatest of them is to say that there is no God and that everything was created by chance. Next, believing that God exists, but speaking against Him with disrespect and insolence, blaspheming His holy name and saying with satanic selfishness that you ignore and reject Him. Into this sin fall all those who engage in satanic rituals, but also various forms of magic, such as fortune tellers, like the coffee grounds and tea leaf readers. In doing so they not only deliberately deny the true God, but also with an awareness of what they do, they resort to Satan himself becoming the leader of their lives. In this way, however, they surrender their valuable soul to Lucifer himself. They fall into these major sins many times, without realizing it, and those people send to hell someone else or even their own children. Many times children are demonized because of their parents' blasphemy! Therefore, curses and blasphemies should not exist in a Christian's vocabulary.
-Apart from the sins that offend our God Himself, what are those that offend our fellow man?
-The worst of them, which easily makes a soul lose the grace of the Holy Spirit and allows the power of Satan himself to dominate over it, are jealousy, envy and criticism. These are the three main sins that Lucifer fell into and forced God himself to send him away from Him into the depths of hell. Lucifer, who was in the beginning a great Archangel of God, when he became jealous of the glory of the Son of God and wanted from envy to grab His throne, he was immediately  expelled by God the Father and ended up becoming Satan and the ruler of Hell. There, in the terrible realm of absolute darkness and misery, he wants to drag as many people as he can,  because of his hatred for God and His perfect creation, which is man. As weapons to fight mankind, he is using the same mistakes that he used to sweep along with him to hell those angels, who believed his slanders and condemnation against the true God, with the result that they became demons instead of angels! He wants to do the same with those people, who will believe in him and follow his evil recipes, to fill their hearts with envy, jealousy, criticism and slander. Apart from these sins, there are others which may not be considered the worst, but have the power to greatly hurt and endanger a soul.
-What are these, father?
-They are garrulity, selfishness, lies, rudeness, indifference to the suffering of others, boredom when praying, not going to church on Sundays to thank God for what He gave you, whining continuously at the slightest problem, being cocky and cheeky, not respecting your fellow man, thinking you're always right and everyone else is wrong and so many others you will discover little by little, as you will proceed in spiritual life. All these mistakes and sins constitute one aspect of confession, which most people usually do. But there is another aspect of confession, that makes our good God rejoice much with those souls who confess.
-What do these people confess, holy father?
-These people, my child, don't only confess their mistakes, but also the love they're hiding in their hearts for their well-beloved God.
- So what do they say at their confession?
 -To help you to understand how they are confessing, I will ask you to answer me, what are two young people who are in love and are together saying to each other; what they are confessing, that is?
-People in love, holy father, do not want to talk about anything other than their love. Only that concerns them.
-So do these people when they come to confess, they do not simply say the mistakes they made, but they ask to learn the cause that made them fall into these mistakes and wounded their God. They are eagerly seeking to learn, not only how to correct their mistakes, but how to increase the divine love that burns in their heart for God. Isn't this, my child, the most beautiful confession of the heart? To speak only of your love and what will make this love stronger and more perfect? That's exactly how all spiritually noble and pious souls are confessing, in whose hearts there is only the desire and love for the Bridegroom Jesus. Guided by divine love that burns in their hearts, they say all their mistakes and are fighting with pride to remove every mistake and sin which is hurting their beloved God.
-I imagine, holy father, that this would be the most beautiful confession that someone can make before God. How much I would like to learn so I can confess like that too!
-Ask for it continuously in your prayer and it will be given to you as a divine gift. To achieve that, my beloved child, it is easier to hide like a baby in the divine motherly  embrace of your heavenly Father and leave your precious soul in His hands with complete trust and love. Then you will not confess as all people do with fear of being punished, but as a divinely in love man who, will only fear, that he will hurt by accident the only thing that he loves more than anything on earth, his heart.
-It's true, my holy father, that only a soul who is so much in love can make great sacrifices for what he loves. Now I can understand why our Saints sacrificed their lives for Christ. They were flooded by the divine love for God our King! How I want to be one of those souls, who will adore our heavenly Father with all the strength of their souls!

-I wish wholeheartedly, that you accomplish this, my blessed child!