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MATERNAL MEMORIES of Theotokos Mariam

MATERNAL MEMORIES of Theotokos Mariam


I base all my hopes upon you, Mother of God, I beg You, keep me under your protection”. What is the deeper meaning of these words?
My All-Holly Virgin Mariam (Panagia), it’s you to whom I trust all my hopes.
She replies to us in a secret way:
“I don’t protect you, my children, just because I am the Mother of God, but because I am your Mother, too. I adore you and I love you, in the same way I love my own Son. I feel pain for you and I protect you just like I have always done with my Son. I love you in the same way I love Him because you are His own children. You are His own scenty flowers. If you have an accident or if anything sad happens to you, my Son, Himself, becomes really distressed and so do I, seeing Him so sad. Every single pain of yours, every single distress of yours immediately becomes pain and distress for my Son, too. Every single pain and distress of my Son, then, is my own distress, as well, because we all are a family. A Holy family; our Father in Heaven, His Only Son, me and you all. For this reason, every time you get in my Son’s hug, you get in the hug of Heaven. Whenever you get away from my Son’s embrace, you get away from the embrace of Heaven. This is the moment when I am scared. This is the instance when I feel pain for you. This is the moment when I am very distressed because I don’t know how spiritually prepared or not the Evil will find you. I don’t know your exact spiritual situation when the dark forces of Evil will come to meet you, in an attempt to both confuse your mind with dark thoughts and distress your soul and your body, as well.

“I want to make you sweeter mothers, sweeter fathers, sweeter kids”

That’s why I would like to share with you some words that come directly from my heart. I don’t wish to teach you. What I want is to make the mothers sweeter mothers, the kids sweeter kids and the fathers sweeter fathers. Also, I wish to take you all and place you in my God Father’s hug and heart, as well.
I want you to have in mind that I love you very much because you are my children. You are my Son’s children. But, I would like to tell you some tender and affectionate words of my own life, from the moment I started to realize myself and onwards. From that moment, I began to realize myself and I became the Mother of God and your Mother, too. The Queen of Heaven but also the Queen of Earth. Our Father in Heaven wanted to make me Queen of the whole world. This fact, however, did not touch me at all. What I only longed for was my heart to keep beating for my own Flesh and Blood, for my treasure. 

“Every single mother is a queen of both heaven and earth, because she gives birth to a God’s child!”

That’s why I have never been boastful. I have never said: “Look, how great I am”. On the contrary, I have always felt tenderness and affection in my heart, because I have become a queen mother. It is definitely true that every single mother is a queen of heaven and earth. If all, you, mothers could realize that the very moment you are giving birth to a child, you are being granted the sparkle of blessedness by God in Heaven so as you to bring to life one of His children. It’s that very moment that you should be one of the happiest human beings on earth, as every single mother who gives birth to a child of God, whether a boy or a girl, is nothing else but a queen of heaven and earth! Because you give birth to the child of the Heavenly Father! So, you are His queens! But, you are a queen on earth also, because your child will always feel you as a queen of his soul. Because it’s you who are going to be the dominant person in his heart like a queen full of joy and peace, conveying them to your little infant, too.

This is how I also felt (like a Queen) at the very moment when God implanted His Only Son in my womb in a supernatural way. And also when I held and looked at my Child while in my embrace, keeping in mind that He had been born in a supernatural way, since I had no relation with any man, I could not help but looking at Him sweetly and kissing Him tenderly. I kept hugging Him, filling Him with my kisses and that made me feel as if I was in heaven. But even my Child, in turn, did not cease laughing at me and expressing to me His personal feelings as well as His own angel-like features, all of which planted in my heart an increasing love for God.

“The very moment that I was breast-feeding my Son, rays of lights were coming from the God Father”

I am going to tell you what was going on when I was breast-feeding my Son, something that takes place with all mothers and mothers do not realize. Angels, however, watch all these and feel admiration. The time I was breast-feeding my Baby, a ray of light was leaving from the breasts of the God Father and was getting into my breasts and I thought that I was breast-feeding my own Infant. To be more precise, however, it was the God Father who, through my own milk, was breast-feeding His own Son and my own Infant. Also, through my own breasts, He kept planting love and mercifulness, the two most significant and valuable presents of God to human race. The more I was breast-feeding my Baby, the more mother I was becoming. At the same time, I was becoming more and more merciful because the God Father, Himself, was implanting inside me the greatest power of His grace, the greatest and sweetest grace of the Holy Spirit; that is, mercifulness. And my heart was leaping only for love; it was leaping only for joy.

“As a Mother, I have done nothing else
but to guide Him to His Father in Heaven”

Whatever I had been taught by my own father and mother, Joachim and Anna, I tried to teach to my Child, as well. Since I was a young girl, I had been taught by them how to only love my heavenly Father. They both kept teaching and frequently telling me that my unique Father is in heaven and that this Father loves me in a very affectionate way, just like the sweetest Mother in the entire universe. And I believed that, because my faith in my Father and my Mother was deep, indeed. I was being brought up with the feeling that my Father and my Mother were in heaven. My parents on Earth made me understand and realize that they were for me something like foster parents. They were the sweetest foster parents ever and they did not want to keep anything away from the real Father and the real Mother, who was my own God Father.

For this reason, since I was a young girl, they taught me to kneel down on my knees and keep praying to the God Father with great love and lust. They tried all the time to make me seek for, think back of, have nostalgia and lust for the very day when my soul would fly in a sweet and angel-like manner and would get into the heart of my heavenly Father. What I have been taught and brought up with by my parents, have been kept in my heart in order for me to teach these things to my Son in the same way.

So, when I gave birth to my little Jesus, not knowing who He was in the first place—it was later that I realized it—I have kept teaching Him one thing since He was a young boy: “That His real Father and His real Mother were in heaven and that my only intention was to guide Him to heaven”.
This is the reason why I could not understand His sweet smiles in the beginning. Those smiles offered by babies while they are in our hug and which make our heart leap for great joy. I could not realize if my little Boy was in a position to understand what I was telling Him. Later on, however, I realized that He could understand my words and that He was very glad to listen to me because I was talking to Him about His real Father and His real Mother from the very beginning. Never throughout His life did He stop being nostalgic about heaven and talking both for heaven and His Father.
-Can you remember a moment in the Holy Bible during which He did something without having previously raised His hands in heaven in order to beg His Father?
-Have you ever seen Him make a miracle or teach people, without having previously raised His eyes up to heaven in order to invoke His heavenly Father?
At that very moment, we did not understand all these things. It was later on that we came to realize them.

He made us understand that He lived only for His Father because the God Father loved His Son with feverish love. But, there was within the heart of this Child such powerful love that He loved His heavenly Father in a loving and godly way.
The reason I am using this word is because I want to stress the size and the passion that this heart-beating of the love of my Son for His heavenly Father has had.
And from this fact I understood how sweet, celestial, godly and infinite the heart-beating of the God Father for His own Son has been.

“How I have raised my Son”

From a very young age, I taught Him how to pray. I would kneel next to Him. I would unite His little hands. I would take Him in my hug. Being a little Baby, He would keep His little hands united and talk to His heavenly Father, while in the arms of His sweet Mommy. I kept feeling his great joy shining in His eyes and His heart beating so harmoniously, sweetly and tenderly that even my own maternal heart was wondering, seeing the tenderness, the affection and the sweetness that my Son expressed every time He talked to His Father.
Whenever I would kneel and talk to Him about the God Father, He would turn to me and look at me straight into my eyes. It was then that His look got lost in my own sweet, maternal look. And I was really glad then because I clearly felt my Son’s love. But, later on, I understood that, besides my Son’s love for me, it was great the joy He took by the fact that He saw my heart beating so tenderly and sweetly for the God Father. My Son was very happy because I was talking about His Father. At that time, even though I adored Him so much, I still did not understand many things. I called Him: “My God, my Heart”. All the Angels heard me repeating that and through these two words they could feel the full-of-love heart-beating of my soul for the God Father. My Son saw these things and kept staring at me in a sweet way. After that, I was tremendously happy and excited. During the praying periods, we were united for many hours. For this reason, I strongly advise you: If you want to talk to the heavenly God Father, kneel down on your knees, unite your hands and talk to Him about your children. This is how I have brought up my Son.
If you want to be sweet mothers, get used to talking to your heavenly Father. Imagine that I did not know that my Son was a God. Nevertheless, I have followed this way as a Mother. I would unite my hands and my soul was flying. It was flying somewhere in the sky, inside the heart of the God Father. I would take my only Son in my embrace. I would keep Him tightly in a sweet and tender way and I would raise my eyes to heaven in order to talk about Him all the time. But, whenever I turned my eyes from heaven to earth and looked at my Son, I would talk to my Son for heaven only. Either I would talk to heaven about my Son or to my Son about heaven. This has been my life as a Mother and this is what I suggest that you should do; especially, all those happy hearts that are willing to trust their own one to me and want to follow my own humble heart’s path.
All those mothers who want to follow my example keep in mind that this is what you should do.
You should hold your children in your embrace. If your kids have already grown up and they are not babies in your hug anymore, it doesn’t matter. The soul is one. Soul does not grow up and it does not become younger, either. Try to keep the soul of your child, of your girl and your boy. Hold them tightly in your hug and look up at the sky. Talk to Him about your child. And when you look at your children, try at that moment to keep your soul silent concerning the mouth but talkative concerning the heart. Talk continuously to Heaven about your child. This is by far the most beautiful prayers, the best present ever, the sweetest anticipation of a maternal soul on earth for heaven.

“When my Son grew up, I kept showing Him the creation (nature) and together we kept glorifying the God Father for it”.

When my Son became a little older, I used to take Him out for a walk with me in order for Him to see what the God Father had created. Saint Joseph, who was old enough, used to hold Him by His little hand, talking to Him about the creation of the whole universe by the God Father. He used to show Him the lake and the sea; the forests; the flowers; the little birds and he used to talk to Him about the God Father, the Creator of all. You cannot imagine how glad my Son was to hear all these glorifying words, coming out of the mouth of Saint Joseph and referring to the God Father, the Creator.
And I was of the opinion that my Son was happy about nature. He was very glad to hear all these things (from us). Later on, however, I realized that He was very happy because all of us were talking about and respectfully referring to His own Father in heaven since it was He who had created the entire universe. But never has the universe managed to exceed in terms of love the feeling of love that my Son had for His God Father. As time went by, I realized that my Son’s eyes were all the time covered with tears of love, every time He talked about Heaven.

Later on, when we used to walk around the streets of Palestine, we would talk about the beauties of heaven. When we talked about people and I asked Him to be always a good boy so as to make the God Father happy, He was deeply glad. Every time I talked to Him about the virtues, you cannot imagine how joyful my sweet Boy became. It was as if I had talked to Him about the most wonderful presents a mother could ever offer to her child.
Every time He saw something bad which we did not want Him to see and which we thus avoided, I saw in His eyes two tears coming out of His eyes and rolling down on His cheeks and at the same time He ran directly into His earthly Father’s hug.  I was wondering why my Child started crying so much every time He saw something bad or when something sad happened or even when He heard or saw something unpleasant. It was later on that I came to realize that behind those tears it was the pain of the God Father for His misled child who had been misguided by the cunning evil spirits.

One cannot count the times He asked me to pray together to our Father in heaven, after our return home. When He knelt there, I knelt next to Him in order for us to pray together. What I always saw was tears coming out of His eyes and rolling down on His cheeks. That made me deeply distressed as a Mother and I kept wondering why my Child was so deeply hurt; why He was so sad; why my Child was so distressed.
Later on, I realized how greatly sad the heart of the heavenly God, of my Son and God, became every time He saw what I had not ever wished His heart to see.

“My Son has loved nothing more than mercifulness”

 He loved the entire world. He loved children. He loved older people. He loved both the just and the unjust persons. His eyes were glittering of joy when He saw just and virtuous behaviours. But, in front of anything sad and sinful, deep pain stubbed His heart and His eyes revealed the sadness and the pain of His soul. Keep in mind, my children that the God Father suffers enormously every time you make a mistake, either a minor or a big one. The same pain floods His heart.
If only you knew how greatly distressed, how greatly sad and nervous He was every time my Son knelt in order to beg His Father to forgive all those people who had done sinful things.
He asked me to kneel and do the same thing. Up to that moment, I was only thinking of my Child, my Son. Until then, I only wanted to be able to offer my Son everything, just like all mothers who struggle to provide their children with all goods.
However, my Son then taught me to feel pain and mercy for all people on earth; even for the strangers and distant people; even for the people I did not know and there was no connection between them and me. Anyone who did anything bad made me feel very distressed and deeply sad. My Son’s tears became my own tears. His pain became my pain. His distress became my distress.

When He saw me kneeling on the floor next to Him and begging the heavenly Father to forgive all those people whose sinful mistakes had hurt my Son and Who therefore was sad, He came to me and got into my embrace, into my heart because He was seeing my pain which had made me beg the God Father for all the sinners. Through His tears, He made me understand the great extent to which his heart got both pacified and sweet and how happy He was because His Mother was so much merciful. 
My Son above all has loved mercifulness.
My Son above all has loved mercy.
My Son above all has loved the offer of love and forgiveness.

“My Son implanted in my heart His own merciful godly heart”

He has made me capable of offering love and forgiveness. The God has planted inside me a heart--I believe this has happened because of my Son’s pleading—which was so sweet and merciful that now I can feel sympathy and pain for all you as much as my Son can. This is so because I have asked the God Father to make my heart similar to my Son’s heart in terms of love and mercifulness. And He, whose name in the Holy Scriptures has been “The Son of Man”, has planted His own merciful godly heart inside my human heart.
For this reason, those of you who have any doubts about your love and thus you are sad, about your mercy and mercifulness and therefore you are upset, or about whether you lack any sympathy for your fellow man, then do what I have done. Ask my Son to place His own merciful heart inside your heart. After that, be sure that you will not want to hurt Him. Similarly, you will not ever wish to hurt your fellow man, either. At no time will you be able to do harm to anyone. You will not be able to judge anyone because it will be as if you judge Him who has planted this merciful heart inside you.  It is as if you judge my Son. It is as if you judge your God. It is as if you judge your Life itself.

“I lived only for my Treasure”

My children, I lived only because there was Life next to me. I existed because He existed. I breathed because He breathed. I lived only for my Treasure. This is what I want you to do too. You should live for your treasure only.
If you place my treasure, my Jesus, inside your heart and make Him your own treasure, then this treasure is going to teach you how to behave in your life.
Every time you are about to do something, ask your treasure:
 “My Treasure, My Jesus, do You like what I am going to do?” Then, if He agrees, do it. If, however, your conscience tells you: “No, My Son and God does not approve of this”, then do not do it.
I did not want to do anything that would dishearten my Son.
I did not want to do anything that would hurt my Son.
I did not want to do anything bad even if my life had been angelic-like and I lived in this way.
But, really, how could I not live in an angelic-like way when next to me there was such an Angel. I want you to put my Angel in your heart and make Him your own Angel, your own treasure, your own breath and life. Only then you will be happy.
I am telling you, as a Mother, how greatly this Treasure has changed my life.

“The secret my heart held and so it managed to stand patiently in front of my Son’s martyrdom”

Later on, when my Son grew up a little more, I could see the entire heaven in my eyes. When I saw the people crucifying my Treasure, my legs bent, my heart leaped for distress and I was wondering if I had both strength and tolerance so as to patiently face what those people were doing to my precious treasure, to the unique innocent person on earth. No person on earth has ever had so much innocence, so much purity, so much love, so much mercifulness as my Son.
Nevertheless, I saw how much people’s malice was hurting my Son. My heart leaped for sadness the very moment I saw people placing a thorny garland upon His head and blood running down my Son’s head. I could not stand it and I said to the God Father:
 “God Father, I cannot stand it anymore. Please, take my soul. I cannot see my Son in this situation anymore”.  Then, He kept consoling me:
My Daughter, be a little more patient because very soon your Son is going to be in both My Kingdom and the Kingdom of your heart. And from then on, the salvation of the entire world is going to begin”. Then, I struggled to be patient. I did it and with my eyes full of tears I was telling Him from afar:
“Hold on, for a while, my treasure, because, after a while, your supreme sacrifice is ending and the salvation of Your children is beginning”.  I knew that He had to undergo all these painful experiences in order to save His children. The reason why my heart managed to go through all these situations and stand patiently in front of my Son’s martyrdom was the fact that God had planted in my heart greater love and mercifulness for all His children.
It was then that I realized the meaning of being a mother. Because mother does not just mean giving birth to a child. Mother is not just raising a child. Mother is not just breast-feeding a child. Mother means being able to fall in love with your God and be merciful for the entire world in the same loving way and the same grade of mercy as God. Only then did I become a true and real Mother! The very moment of the pain and the utmost sacrifice, I could make out, through my Son’s sorrow and martyrdom, the God Father’s anxiety and agony to save all His creatures and the entire humankind.
And so I remained patient and in an intense inner pain together with my Son. I was feeling distressed as He was. I was in a great pain as He was. My heart had gone crazy because of the excessive sorrow and pain that parents have when they see their child getting away from them. However, I bore the pain, as my Son did. I showed mercy for the world, as my Son did.
From then on, my prayers were continuous. Days and nights I have kept praying all the time. To be honest with you, every single minute, every single moment, every single second I beg the God Father to forgive His creatures in the name of His Son and His sacrifice, in the name of the Blood that came out of my Son’s ribs, of my Son’s heart. They speared His heart in a prophetic way, because only one heart knows the best way to love; that is, the heart of my Son and God.   

“I present you the perfect way in order you to become better mothers”

I want you to love my Only Son.
I want you to close my Only Son in your heart.
I want you to always keep my Only Son in your mind.
I want you, as sweet, affectionate and tender mothers, to fill Him with your caresses. Also, I wish you, with your personal effort, to become more and more pure and spiritually cleansed. I want you to sanctify your body, your mind and your heart. Only then will your soul be angelic-like.
My children beware of your body. Satan tortures it because his desire is to pervert both the soul and the heart, through the body. This happens because the body is weak and many times it succumbs to the temptations of Satan. Satan attacks the five gates of heaven; that is, the five senses. The reason why Satan struggles to attack them is because he wants to prevent the Grace of the All-Holy Spirit from getting through them. This Grace is given by the God Father, in the name of His Son, to every person who looks for Him.  
Beware of your mind. Satan struggles anxiously to take control of your mind and guide you. He wants to make you think of anything evil, anything sexually pleasant, and anything carnal. Whatever only Satan thinks of and desires, in an attempt to win you and count you in his side.
For this reason, the very moment you realize that your mind has gone away from the God Father, kneel down on the floor and tell Him:” My God Father, offer Your Grace to my mind”.
Offer the God Father your soul on your own will and ask Him to protect it. The heavenly Father never does anything if we have not asked for it before. And Heaven has spoken to you through the Holy Scriptures:” Ask and you will find it. Knock on the door and it will be opened for you”.
Knock on the door in order for Him to open it for you. Ask Him something and He is going to give it to you.
-Then, why don’t you ask for my Son?
-Why don’t you ask from Him to make you love Him with godly love and with mercifulness in the heart in order for you to feel sympathy for all His creatures?
-Why don’t you ask Him to make you better human beings?
I present you the way to become better mothers of my Son and your children. Make my Son one of your kids. Make my little Boy your little boy. And He is going to protect the rest of your children!
-Do you know any mother who could make my Son her Son and her treasure and at the same time my Son would not love and protect her children as His brothers?
That’s why, it is written in the Holy Scriptures:”Whoever loves the God Father and His will, he is both My father and My brother”.
I show you the perfect way in order for you to become good mothers.
I show you the perfect way so as you to be happy.
I show you the exact route which will lead you directly to the heavenly Kingdom of God. The decision is yours.
You choose whose hug you prefer most, in the way you live, on which land you will grow up or in which country you will remain happy.
-If you stay in the God Father’s embrace, He will, for sure, fill you up with caresses and kisses, with His maternal love and He will let you live in the very beautiful downside of Paradise.
If you, however, choose the evil, the darkness, the injustice and sin, then someone else (satan) is going to hug you tightly and in a tough and dark way; let alone, you will sense the deep darkness of despair and sorrow, which is characteristic of all those sinners who have preferred the darkness instead of the light.

“Even demons in Hades have felt the majesty of my own mercifulness”

My children, I do not want you to experience what my own eyes have seen. When my God Father allowed me to descend to Hades and see both the pain and the sorrow that exist there, I saw all the misled children who had chosen to stay in satan’s hug and not in my Son’s. I can describe neither the pain nor the sorrow that my eyes have seen there.
Even demons suffer there!
When the God Father allowed me to go down to Hades and walk around there, I felt terribly sorry even for the awful situation of the demons and my tears were running down on my cheeks because of those awful and horrible creatures.
The sorrow and the pain of a Mother who sees her Son’s children lost, was so much that even the demons bowed their heads in respect before my presence.  Even the demons felt for the first time the majesty of my Son’s solidarity and my mercifulness.
It was the first time that the demons sensed something similar to what they used to sense when they were in the heavenly Kingdom of our Father. But since then they have been unchangeable. They were only allowed for a few minutes to feel what they used to have before their fall and which they lost after it.

“My children, do not lose the greatest present of our heavenly Father”

My children, do not, however, lose what our heavenly Father keeps giving you. He keeps giving you His greatest present; that is, the way through which you are going to become united with His Son!
You can come to church and take His Flesh and Blood and, in this way, you become united with His Son. And, so, the Son of God lives inside your own heart and He becomes your own Son.
The very moment that you accept His Flesh and Blood in your mouth, heaven and earth are united. In the sky, the angels rejoice for what they see going on and which they cannot have.
But, at the same time, earth rejoices as well because the Son of man is united with His creature. The moment you are taking the Holy Communion inside you, it is not only God and you who become united but it is also you who become little gods by grace. God takes you by your hand and raises you in His own Kingdom and He tells you:
“Here is My creation. Here is My paradise. Come to enjoy it together”. He makes you co-owners. He makes you co-habitants of paradise in order you to live there with the Son of God, in the indescribable joy of the heavenly Kingdom.

“I will give my Son to the affectionate hearts who will love Him as their own Son”

My children, those of you who will listen to me simply, will be offered by me the most valuable present. I am going to give you the Baby I am holding in my embrace, as long as I see that you have raised your hands asking for my Son.
-Do you know any mother who will not give her son, her little daughter to another mother, to another woman who has raised her hands and has asked her to hug her treasure, even for a while?
-Do you know any mother who will not feel happy when she sees another woman taking in her hug and kissing her child in a sweet and tender way?
I am going to do the same thing for every mother, for every soul who will show any sign of a strong desire to take my Son in her embrace with a maternal love.
Then, I am going to offer her my precious treasure.

On the other hand, I am never going to give my Son, my hurt Kingdom, to any person who will make Him sadder.
-Would you do this thing to your own kid?
-Could you give your own child to any person whom you knew that would hurt Him and would make Him cry and suffer?
-Then, how can I do that to my precious treasure and especially now that I know that, in a while, He is about to be sent away for a second time?  
I am going to trust Him only to sweet hands, to affectionate hearts, to compassionate souls who are able to love my Son as their own Son.
I am going to trust Him to those hearts who will call Him in the same way as me:

“My Sweet Son and God, my King, my Heaven, my Breath and Respiration”.  I am going to trust Him to the souls who will adore Him in the way I adore Him, who will love Him in the way I have loved Him. Even now, that I am in Heaven and descend to earth, I keep thinking of my Son every single moment. I cannot stop thinking of my Son in heaven either. But, even on earth, while I am walking among you, I cannot get Him out of my mind because I want to sustain my Son’s kids.

 “I am your only Mommy and I never leave you alone”

Every time I hear the word “my Son”, is it possible for me not to be moved?
Every time I hear my Son’s name, “my Jesus, my Jesus, my Jesus”, being spoken out in an affectionate, compassionate and loving way, is it possible for my maternal breasts not to be moved, either I am in heaven or on earth?
No matter where I am, in case my spiritual ears hear this word being spoken out in a sweet way by a humble soul who is vehemently asking for my Son’s mercy down on the floor, immediately I cannot do otherwise but stand by this soul,  hug this person tightly in my heart and say to my Son:
“My Son, do not stop protecting as well as shielding this soul who loves You”. My Son has never rejected any of my requests. The same is going to happen again this time; this time that you will decide to change your way of life and make a new start. A new start, the only target of which is going to be, the love for my Son!
“I am Mariam, the Queen of both heaven and earth”, the Lady of Angels speaks out loudly.
‘‘I am your only Mommy who never leaves you alone. I am the one who, no matter how many mistakes you have made, cannot do otherwise but stand always next to you and protect you; the One Who cries while you are crying; rejoices while you are happy; covers you at nights so as not you to get cold. And be sure that I will always shield your soul against satan. I am your unique Mommy. Trust me your hands, your mind, your heart, your life, your entire self and I will guide you for sure to our heavenly Father.  


The Lady of Angels adores you.
-Have you understood that?
-Have you understood that the Lady of Angels wishes to talk directly to your own heart every single moment?
-Have you sensed that She wants you to talk to Her as well?
-Have you realized how anxiously She wishes to hear your voice, the voice of Her children?
-Do you know how happy She is every time you kneel down on the floor and shout: “Mother, listen to me”?
And She replies to you: “I am listening to you, my sweet daughter; I am listening to you, my son”.
Have you ever felt how close to you She is and thus She can never leave you alone?
If you know that, then why do you allow your heart to get away from Her?
-Why do you allow your soul to move away from her Son?
-Why do you allow your entire self to glorify its Creator in a wrong way, by obeying the absolute orders that satan implants in your mind and through which satan persuades and forces your body to enjoy all the evil things that exist in the world?

It’s up to you to change your way of life today. It’s up to you now, with a sweet kiss left in the heart of the unique Mother of heaven and earth, of our own Mother, to change your way of life. Leave Her the best present, apart from your pain, your sadness as well as your problems. That is, your unique lust to love her Son for real. Let that become today the beginning of a new life. Then, you will understand how greatly your life will change.  

During these Salutations of the Virgin Mary, I truly hope your life will change. Be sure that you are not alone. On the contrary, we have a very sweet, a very affectionate and a very compassionate Mother. She is our own Mom, totally ours, and She will guide you walk on the virtuous and spiritual path.

May God bless you all! Amen!