Sunday, July 21, 2013


«Very few people felt My Pain and accepted Μy Resurrection…»

"Christ is risen!"
"Truly, He is Risen"
Many times, Jesus says, I tell my children that I have risen from the dead, but nobody answers me. They do not answer me! They do not believe in My Resurrection!
During Holy Week, they saw me suffering on   the Cross, but very few people felt compassion with My Mother. There were very few who suffered with Me. There were very few who felt My pain as their pain and My sorrow as their sorrow.
However, in the Resurrection Liturgy many came with their candles to say «Christ is risen» and then left the church. I had been waiting there for their soul to light their candle with My light, the light that never ends, but they left…They did not wait to attend the Divine Liturgy. They glorified Me only by half. They started to sing a prayer of love to Me, but then suddenly stopped. You see, they have become accustomed to the influence of Satan, who does not let them think reasonably.

And as my disciples  had abandoned Me in the place of My pain and sorrow, in the Garden of Gesthemane, I was abandoned in the same way by My children during the time of My Resurrection. Very few accepted My Resurrection and very few believed that they can Rise along with Me.
I came to give you the Holy Spirit. What would be the meaning of My pain and suffering on the Cross, all those excruciating tortures that I suffered for you, if you do not take My Holy Spirit? Nobody can understand how much I suffered. Nobody can describe My suffering or even write it down. Because one can only write what the human mind is able to understand. What the human mind cannot understand and lies beyond it, cannot be written down. You could not understand those things that were not written, but I have really suffered My martyric pain.
So, you neither believed in My pain, nor all the things I did for you to receive My Holy Spirit. You did not even accept My Resurrection because you did not beg Me to give you My Holy Spirit. You only liked the joy of the Resurrection Mass and the meal that followed. And you all left to enjoy that  meal…
But I am the real food, the Consecrated Bread of life. I was delivered by My Father to satisfy the hunger of your soul. By satisfying your soul, you could experience the ultimate divine happiness, heavenly pleasure, which you have never imagined. But you did not look for it…

«My Father offers you three great heavenly gifts:
His parental love, My Holy Name, My Flesh and Blood»

Yet, I will continue to give this divine happiness through these three gifts My divine Father has given to you. Many times the heavenly Father revealed to you how much He loves all His children (like a mother does).
Which child can ever feel how much his/her mother loves her baby? Which child can understand it?
Neither will you ever understand the magnitude of My motherly affection for you and My fatherly protection which I offer you.
However, Satan understands the power of your Mother’s and Father’s name. Because, wherever you may be, whoever may try to hurt you, when you call out «Mother! Father!», immediately your Father’s and Mother’s eyes turn towards you affectionately and they run to hug and protect you. This power of love is what stops the power of Satan.
-However, when did you call Me «Father»?
-When did you call me «Mother» and felt it deeply in your heart?
-Because, what is the importance of calling someone by their name, when you do not do it with love?
-What is the importance of calling out for your Mother and Father when you do not believe in them?

But I gave you even more than that. That is what My heavenly Father and your Father wanted. Many times I told you «I am rising up towards My Father, who is your Father as well, and My God and your God» but you did not understand what I meant. Our heavenly Father gives you the privilege of having Me as your Son and as your brother, as your friend and as yourself. And He gives you the greatest gift, My Flesh and My Blood, for you to take into your body.
What  My Father offers  you is  so powerful, containing so many gifts, that those three alone have so much power, they not  only  can stop Satan’s tricks and keep them far from your soul, but also they can  bless your soul. You must never forget these words.
My motherly-fatherly love is My first gift. The Holy Name of God’s only Son, My name, Jesus, will be your second weapon.
Every time that you call My name, you should know that you will not be the one fighting anymore, but I will fight for you, your Saviour and Redeemer. I will stand between you and Satan’s tricks or even Satan himself. And every time Satan attempts to send with strength, anger and fury, his fiery arrows to destroy you, I will stand in front of you with such strength, that I will not let this satanic power affect you, but as in the case of a mirror, I will stop and reverse it and this anger will return back and destroy Satan himself and his followers too.
That’s why you must call My name. It is for your own benefit, for your own salvation, for your happiness.
But My heavenly Father wanted to give you the greatest proof of His love and affection for you. He has always loved you the same way a mother loves her baby. In the most beautiful and simple way, He reveals to you that He wants to hold you in His heart. Through His only Son He wants to hold you in His heart.
That’s why He sacrificed Me so that not only the glorious sign of the Cross, but also My Flesh and Blood themselves become a symbol of victory which Satan cannot touch. That’s why you must obtain the Holy Communion regularly.

«You activate the two weapons, humility and repentance,
so as to feel the power of My Father’s three gifts»

Now I will tell you another thing you did not know until now. It is not enough to say My name. It is not enough either to feel God’s love, or come to receive Holy Communion with simplicity. Now you must feel the power that comes out of these three gifts, when you approach with deep humility and repentance. Do not forget these two things. I revealed to you these secrets one by one so that you can understand them.
Now, as you become more mature spiritually, you must understand the great thing that springs from the two important powers, which only you can activate.
My Father activates His three great gifts: His Motherly love, My Holy Name, My Flesh and My Blood, which Satan is very afraid to fight against. Now My heavenly Father asks you to activate, in the name of His only Son, the other two great weapons that He gives you. Only you can activate these weapons. Only you can hold them and make them ready to shoot. And if you do not do it, then you will be totally unprotected. My Father’s gifts will not be able to dominate your heart and lead you to eternity.
The two gifts that He gives you, the two great powers that Satan is very afraid of and when you use them, they burn Satan so much that, if all the volcanoes on Earth erupted all together and produced the greatest temperature, they would not be anything compared to these two gifts, are your humility and repentance.
I do not want you to receive Holy Communion like babies, who are guided by their parents telling them: “Now open your little mouth to take Jesus into you”.
Now I want you to come with understanding, stand in front of the Throne and simply beg me: “Father, give me your Holy Flesh and Blood and allow to become light and life for me”.
I do not want you to come like babies, who do not understand what they do and come with the simplicity of angels, like babies who My Father blesses. Now I want you to come as children with your own free will who understand God’s motherly love, realize the power of My Holy Name and know that they will receive light, life and fire, too, which My Flesh and Blood are.
I do not want you to simply receive Holy Communion because now you are old enough and you have the understanding that children do not have. How can children distinguish between right and wrong, if they are not told so by their parents?
That’s why you will not need to apologize for anything in front of My throne. That’s why I come into children’s hearts simply, like a god-sent breath of air to refresh, to greet and satisfy their angelic souls.
However, you are not like them anymore. You can distinguish between good and bad and with understanding follow either good or bad.
So, how can you come and take Me as Holy Communion when you ignore My will?
Many times you approach in a showy manner, although you do not accept to repent with humility, or feel ashamed to confess your mistakes. Have you ever imagined a greater humiliation than the one I suffered when they took off My clothes, when they dishonored Me, when they swore at Me and when they put  Me up on the Cross in the most disrespectful  way? Is there a greater humiliation than this?”
When have you ever suffered such humiliation?
And yet you do not want to suffer even the slightest humiliation, to simply confess the mistake  you have made and say: “My God, My Father, forgive me for what I have done”. And not only are you  ashamed to confess your mistakes with humility to your confessor priest, but also you do not confess these things even to Me, although you know that nobody can see you, nobody can criticize you or  comment on you. You do not even raise your eyes towards Heaven and say: “My God, forgive me for making this mistake” and beg for My mercy and My forgiveness. You do not even do this…
Who prevents you from shame?
Nobody prevents you; only your unfaithfulness and lack of faith. Because if you knew that I exist and guide your life, you would think of nothing else. But immediately after you have made the mistake, you should let your soul kneel so that I would listen to My child’s sweet voice.
I like listening to you saying you are sorry because this action is like perfume rising to Heaven. Very few perfumes rise to Heaven…And why don’t people apologize any more?  They are too selfish to do so!
You are so trapped in the Devil’s constructed satanic technique that you do not realize how much you damage yourself when you get angry, when you swear, when you become furious, when you are cruel, when you are jealous and when you criticize others. You have not understood this. These are the mistakes that are bitter for My heavenly Father. Why don’t you kneel? Why don’t you apologize? Why don’t you let your soul confess your mistake so that I can show mercy on you?
But, while you do all these things, you often come with disrespect to tell Me: «Father, I deserve to take Holy Communion, so that You can come into my heart». That moment, you cannot see what I can-Satan laughing at you and saying: «Look how worthy he is! Although he is full of mistakes and sins, full of jealousness, malice, anger and rage, now he comes and says: You know, I have come to take Holy Communion because I am worthy of It! ».
The Devil makes fun of you but, what’s worse, you do not allow My breath into the depths of your soul. And, although, you take Holy Communion, My grace becomes lost like in a whirlpool. And then you do not become embraced with spirit. My Holy Spirit does not remain in you and It cannot guide you. My Holy Spirit, which My Father gives to everybody, because It comes from My Father in the name of His Son, needs humility, modesty and repentance.
It stays where It finds humility, modesty and repentance. It is like the sun and the water that trees and plants need in order to grow. What plant can grow without sun and water?
You should know that I, the Sun of justice, was deeply humiliated  until I was crucified. If you want to be like Me, you should be humble. Only then will the sun of light cover your soul.
But sun and light are not enough. In order for the power of the sun to get in and for the plant to grow, precious drops of water are needed; the precious drops of your redemption. The word «sorry» must be heard many times: «My God, forgive me».
These words terrify the Devil and allow My grace, like water gets into the roots of plants, to get deeply into the roots of your soul and give grace and the most precious thing, life.
Try to put a plant into a totally dark place without water. Not only will it not grow, but it will also wither. That is how you live.
Do you like to be withered? Don’t you prefer life?
I am the Sun of Life, the Sun of Redemption. That’s why I was humiliated, so that My life is a model for you. That’s why I cried with you, so that I could show you that you should cry too and beg My Heavenly Father.

I would ask those who have understanding and want to love Me and receive My Holy Spirit, to change their way of life.

«Change your way of life and walk towards the light and the glory of My Heavenly Father. The light is the humility and the glory is your repentance»

After this Easter, My Heavenly Father allows time to run backwards. And everything that My Father has said in the Apocalypse will begin to happen and you will feel them starting little by little. But they will be so quick, so sudden and so strong that you’ll be surprised. Do you know why you will be surprised? Because you will not have My faith, My hope or My power.
-How will you fight against the Devil and his followers?
-How will you fight and resist against the Devil’s tricks when your soul is unprotected and unsafe? How?
That’s why I ask you now to change even more and move closer towards the light and glory of My Heavenly Father. The light is the humility and the glory is your repentance. Every time you are sorry for something, you glorify My Father. Every time a tear comes out from your eyes, My Father is glorified for having such good children. Every time you are humbled, you become like the light which gives light not only to your home, not only to the people around you, but the light of your humility will have such strength, that I will take some of this light to enlighten your fellowmen who are in the dark.

«I have given you
the Angels and the Saints as precious helpers!»

I want you to change your way of life and know this:
If I had allowed the Devil play tricks on you, he would have done great damage to you. But I made sure that you have other great powers to help you in your spiritual life. The power of angels and saints whom you must beg and ask for help. The saints are here on earth, among you, to give you the sign of salvation and the help you need. My angels do not abandon you. You abandon them. You forget about them. You allow your homes and your souls to be unprotected. And, although I have given you my angels to support you, you do not even use this protective power.
They love you so much. I have told you before, if all the love on earth joined together and could be weighed; it would be nothing compared to the divine love of the angel My Father has given you to protect your soul. But you do not use this power. The angels have such power that they can change the things that have been decided and determined for you.

«The repentance of the people of Nineveh changes God’s decision and He does not destroy them»

Once My Father sent the prophet Ionas to go and preach to the people of Nineveh to repent. He said: «Tell them that if they do not repent, I will destroy them».
Ionas was afraid at first because they were cruel and dangerous people. That’s why My Father’s anger was so great that He wanted to destroy them.
Ionas wanted to leave. But a sea beast kept him in its belly until it took him where he should go, to go and preach repentance to the people of Nineveh.
They repented indeed and even left their animals without food so that their animals fasted along with them.
My Father saw their repentance, felt sorry for them, stopped his anger and nothing happened. Then Ionas called My Father a liar.
«Didn’t you tell me that You would destroy them? Why didn’t you do it? » Ionas asked God.
And God answered:
«Ionas, I sent you to preach them repentance so as not to destroy them. Haven’t you understood that I am the one who can change life and everything else?»
The same happens with you. You can change the determined events, even those you have chosen by yourselves many times. Even the most important matters, life and death!

«If your children prayed, My grace would never abandon your homes»

Why don’t you advise your children to pray for you? For you, Mother, for you, Father?
I never ignore children’s prayers.
If your children prayed, My grace would never abandon your homes. I would not let the Devil enter your home. I would never let evil destroy the calmness of your homes. Even in the worst case, which is death, if you made your children pray, I would change My decision and I would give life or let people live longer. But you do not even do this…
You do not use the angels I gave you!
Instead you do your best, with stupidity, to contaminate your children even more than you. You contaminate your children and My Father is sad because you contaminate them more than you are contaminated. Because, after you have set up the throne of Satan in your houses, the television, and although you, being older, can somehow control your mind as to whether you will accept or not what Satan transfers through bad messages, pictures and actions, your children cannot do the same.
You are trying to poison your children to a worse extent! Because children are innocent and whatever is imprinted on them now cannot easily be erased. Your children cannot control what you can control. Satan manages to stand next to them and tells them:
«Watch this, watch that. See how nice life is. See how nice pleasure is. See how nice sin is».
So your children are poisoned little by little. And while you think that your child is OK, that they have not done anything bad, just watch a little TV, you have not realised that you affect your children to such an extent that from that moment on many demons follow them.
And, although somebody would expect that children would be followed by angels, now the team that follows them is bigger depending on the obsessions the children themselves have accepted from the pictures and the horrible words of Satan’s throne.
So you make Me very angry…

«How do you come to take Holy Communion when you haven’t repented your mistakes»?

How do you come to take Holy Communion when you haven’t written down on a piece of paper what your mistakes are? What your sins are? And confess them simply and solemnly? How do you take Holy Communion? How do you want to take Me into you? How do you expect Me to have power inside you, when many times you make Me enter your heart and see your heart full of darkness? Why don’t you take notice of My Father’s law but also your mistakes which make this place dark?
You ask Me to enter a place full of darkness, with no light, full of pain and bitterness. Really, how can you ask Me to do this?
But I do not say anything because I am kind.
-However, you do not feel My bitterness and My sorrow when My children call Me to bless them, and instead of them opening the doors and the windows to let Me in with happiness and calmness, they come full of anger, full of pain, full of hostility, full of blasphemy, full of malice and full of cunning?
-How will I be able to bless your souls when you do not give Me the right to do so?
While I was perfect as a human being in this life, I often could see with My divine power people who were not alone but who were followed by demons. And then I begged My divine Father to repel those demons from these people and the demons were afraid of Me. They followed people in order to always give them bad thoughts and make their heart cruel, to make them say bad things. But I begged My Father and I managed to repel them.
However, there were other people who had many demons and I was sad because people as an image of God, had fallen so low, but I could not help them because in their heart there was too much selfishness. This selfishness did not repel the demons. They looked at Me terrified, because they knew that if I ordered them, they would leave. But the power of selfishness and arrogance, the devil’s arrogance that those people had in them was so powerful that My Heavenly Father did not allow Me to free those people and repel the demons.
I want you to understand that many times demons do not go away because you do not want them to go away. You don’t want Me to repel them.
You look surprised when you see some children have the devil inside them. They live in such a way that it is common knowledge they have the devil inside them. The demon can be seen in their actions.
-How many times, however, has My Father not allowed children to be tempted by the Devil because they did not consider it wrong to watch something bad? They did not consider it was bad to stand in front of the devil’s throne, the TV, and watch and listen to devilish things.
Sometimes, My Father allows these children to see things which He doesn’t let you see so that you do not lose heart. And all these things happen for you to be prudent.
Now I want you to think if you must take Holy Communion. I want you to think if you come with all your love to take Me inside you or out of habit because somebody has told you My Flesh and My Blood have enormous power.  
They are so strong that Satan is terrified. But My Father does not allow this power to grow against Satan and My grace disappears or goes away when I see a heartless soul, a cruel soul, a careless soul, a stupid soul, a selfish soul, that does not want to be humbled.
Then with sadness My Father orders His angels to take from that soul the blessing of the Holy Spirit which I would offer and remove that blessing from this stupid soul. That’s why many people receive Holy Communion, but very few  become saints!
Every time you receive Holy Communion I have the power to bless you. But you do not want me to. I want to hold you in my heart. I put you there because only there do I feel My children, but you leave My heart by yourselves. I cannot do something about this because My Father has said: «Whoever wants can follow Me».
Come with your own will, with your desire to sit next to Me, not with help. My Father has said: «Whoever knocks on the door, I will open for them. Whoever asks something from Me, I will give them My grace. But whoever does not, I will not offer it to them».
That’s why at my Resurrection, when «Jesus has risen» is said, you answer loudly «He has risen indeed». Honestly, My children, have you allowed Me to rise in your hearts? I want you to know the deeper meaning of the expression « He has risen indeed».
As the expression «Jesus has risen» is a reality, the expression «He has risen indeed» is your reality. If you accept Me as the glorious king who has risen from the dead, then I will raise your own soul.
So ask your soul:
-Has the King risen in your heart indeed?
-Or is it only words? Is it because habit demands that you typically repeat it?
Ask your soul and if it is still trapped in the passions of malice and jealousness, the hatred and anger with which Satan has managed to tie you, then I have not risen in your heart yet. I have not risen…


I want you to think about everything I have said very carefully. This is the best time, until Pentecost, when I will give My Holy Spirit to those who now will come and ask for My grace through My Flesh and My Blood with deep thought and knowledge. It is them who will be offered My Holy Spirit, but not everybody. Many will take Me as Holy Communion, but I will not enter everyone’s heart. I will be very sad to leave it if their heart is dark.
I only wish that My Father does not remember and punish this great sin of their heart, that they take Me as Holy Communion without being worthy, without humility and repentance, without the willingness to change.
Write down your mistakes now and confess them. Write them down because you forget them the moment you say them out loud. Write them down and pray to your heavenly Father:
«See, My Father, I have done this and that».
And when repentance reaches the deepest parts of your heart, then you will come full of humility and without fear to confess to My servants, the spiritual fathers. Then they will raise their hands to heaven and will reverse the powers of darkness and will offer you, with the power and the authority I have given them, eternity through the coming of My Holy Spirit.
I want you to think today if  I ,your King and your Saviour, have risen in your heart indeed. And if you see that I haven’t risen, it is another chance for you to change.
You are given this time until Pentecost. It is valuable time so as to offer you the most precious gift of Heaven to the Earth, the Holy Spirit that comes from My Father in the name of His one and only Son.

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ always be with all of us!
Christ is risen from the dead,
by death trampling down upon death,
and to those in the tombs He has granted life.