Friday, October 23, 2015

2. The wonderful path of spiritual infancy

The wonderful path of spiritual infancy

2nd Epistle

My dear child,
I am pleased with your decision to become a little child in God’s arms and to fight with all the strength of your soul to enter deep into our well-beloved God the Father’s heart.
There are many joys that a child can give to his heavenly Father, but none of them is greater and stronger than the one you now choose. A little child is always something special to his parents, especially when he is still an infant. A mother’s love for her infant has no limits. Her baby means everything to her. He’s her life, that’s why she can’t compare him to anything else on this earth. Motherly love is the closest thing to God’s love, that’s why it is considered the perfect image of motherly love that God has for mankind. 

God isn’t only the Creator of the world and ourselves, but something much more. It is what all of us ignore, and what the deceitful Satan doesn’t want us to ever find out. God is the sweet and affectionate Father and Mother of our soul, since we are His own images that He blew His divine Breath into. First of all, you should feel this and then teach it to the rest of your brothers, whom our Lord will trust to you as a catechist.
But in order to be able to feel and secretly live in your heart the divine motherly love and fatherly adoration of our heavenly Father and God, you have to decide to become a small, a very small child in His embrace. From that moment onwards begins the great journey to absolute joy, happiness and serenity of heart, which our sweet heavenly Father gives to all those who absolutely trust Him like babies of His divine heart.
Whom did our Lord praise the most while He lived on earth? Whom did He hold in His divine heart and put them before us as an example? In whose embrace did His divine heart rest? Weren’t they the children, who He pointed out to us and told us that if we don’t become like them, we wouldn’t enter His kingdom? By saying that the kingdom of heaven belongs to children, He was pointing out essentially to all of us the easiest and quickest path to reach His divine embrace. So, do you realize now why your choice to become, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, a little child isn’t just correct but perfect?
With this decision of yours, to become a little child in His embrace, you give Him the right to hold you in His holy arms with absolute affection and love, like a sweet mother holds her baby.
But in order to succeed to live like a child in His divine embrace, you must remember how a little child behaves. A child is always humble. A child is always obedient. A child adores his parents. A little child trusts his parents absolutely. A child wants to be always hidden in their affectionate embrace and there to enjoy the safety of motherly love and the protection of fatherly adoration. Nothing concerns him, since his parents take care of everything for him with much love. And if he wants to do something he asks for his parents’ help and blessing. And his good parents are always by their child’s side with much adoration, ready to give him everything and whatever blessed thing his soul is searching for.
You should do exactly the same thing to your Heavenly Father and God. Be simple, humble and adore Him, with the absolute trust you will show to Him. Then He will take care of whatever His child needs as a perfect Mother and Father.
In order to remain a little child in His embrace, don’t ever forget that a little child doesn’t judge, as he doesn’t know what the right thing to do is and always asks his parents. That’s what you should do; before you do anything ask your Heavenly Father, if He likes what you want to do then He will secretly inform you if you should do it.
Did you notice that a little child doesn’t have anything to do with people around him, but only with those who he trusts as his friends? He plays with them and imitates them if they are older than him. That’s what you should do. Trust your real friends, who are the holy angels and all your heavenly brothers, our saints, and they will teach you the correct way to live. They are the only ones who can lead you with great safety to the real kingdom of happiness, which is the divine heart of God our Father, since they are already there.
Little children find everything beautiful, as they see everything through their innocent angelic eyes. Whatever is ugly and bad they don’t comment on it, they just move away from it, because it brings them fear and takes away the serenity of their heart. So you also shouldn’t allow your mind to have cunning thoughts like the adults and don’t judge anything that others do.
Don’t struggle with the logic of grown-ups but with the childish innocence which little children have. Then you can be sure that you will easily succeed when adults won’t. And the basic reason is because a child is humble. A child is pure. A child doesn’t lie. A child is always looking for love and is resting there. A child isn’t afraid except when removed from the motherly and fatherly embrace of his parents. So you also should recognize your nothingness and expect everything from God your Father, like a little child expects everything from his parents. But never again will he boast about whatever he did, because he didn’t do it by himself but with the help of his parents. So you also must not boast of your virtues, since they will be gifts given to you by your sweet Heavenly Father.
Remember also that a child is never discouraged by his mistakes. He may fall down easily, but always gets up, searching with tears in his eyes for his mother’s hand for help. And then, she not only gives him her hand to get up, but as she is helping him stand up, she takes him into her embrace and covers him with her caresses and kisses. So you also, whenever you make a mistake should run with tears in your eyes to your heavenly Father to help you stand up and purify you from the filth of sin, with the grace of the Holy Spirit.
Don’t try, my beloved child, to climb up the mountain to reach God your Father high up in Heaven, on the contrary, come with humility as low as you can and then He will bend down like a Mother to take you into His divine embrace!
But it’s not enough, my beloved child, being a little child in your soul, if you don’t also have a longing for Heaven. Many people have the simplicity and the innocence of a child, which charms the God of their heart, but not the agonizing quest to conquer Heaven. To them, even if the holy heart of our Heavenly Father wants them to rest, he won’t be able to find rest, because they don’t struggle to follow Him and become one with Him, following the example of those who already have Him hidden deep in their heart as the only treasure of their soul.
My beloved child, if you decide to become a little child, as I described to you above, and with absolute trust put your soul into the hands of the motherly love of God our Father, you will experience and feel happiness you have never imagined.
Just then you will understand what our Lord said: “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children” (Luke 10:21).