Friday, October 23, 2015

1. The most important decision of your life

The most important decision of your life

1st Epistle

My beloved child,
Please forgive me for taking so long to respond to the desire of your soul, to help you to become a great catechist in the vineyard of our Lord.
I was always fascinated by your anxiety to love our beloved King Jesus with all the power of your soul and to preach about Him to your brothers in Africa.
My joy became greater when you told me that you wish to serve Him not only as a catechist but also as a priest at the holy altar, if of course our Lord wishes this too. 
All these holy desires aren’t only yours but our beloved Lord, Himself, wants it too. That’s why I, obeying not only your desire but also the will of our common Love, our well-beloved king and God of our heart Jesus, I will start with His blessing to respond to what you asked me for with a lot of childish love and trust.
I will try to speak to you as a father who has a blessed, humble and obedient son, who with respect and childish simplicity will listen and apply what I will tell him with love, in order to become a little earthly angel of our beloved God.
You will easily understand what I am going to tell you, because you already are a good father to the little angels who God gave you. So you will have the pleasure and the opportunity to apply what the Spirit of God will tell us first to your own family, as a father, and afterwards as a catechist father to the rest of your brothers in Africa who are thirsting for knowledge about our beloved God.
A lot of people, my beloved child, are speaking about our good God, but they hardly manage to convey to other souls the real image of the absolute mercy and motherly love that God has for all of us, His children. This is because even they themselves were not able to know and love him as a baby loves his mum and to feel deep in their heart how sweet and affectionate our Heavenly Father is. That’s why when they speak about our good God, they speak according to their personal beliefs and understandings that unfortunately most of the time, are nothing like the real merciful image of our heavenly Father.
Many times you will hear people speaking about our beloved God in such way that it will embitter you. They present Him as hard, punishing, inapproachable and easily ready to judge and condemn His children who are far from Him, but also hard on the ones who are close to Him, because they didn’t easily manage to give up some of their mistakes and weaknesses. So these children, tired of their continuous failure to correct the mistakes of their soul and body, are disappointed and soon abandon the great spiritual struggle they started in order to become our Lord’s earthy angels.
This is the main reason I eagerly wish to help you, so that through the humble advice and guidance that the Holy Spirit will transmit to us you will get to know by experience how sweet, affectionate and infinitely merciful our sweet heavenly Father and God is. God’s will is to know Him as the well-beloved Father of your soul, in order to become a great catechist later who will help other people know about our good God in a country which is still tortured by the spirit of idolatry.
But, I also believe that you will soon be called to become a good affectionate spiritual father, who through the holy sacrament of priesthood, will save, with the grace of the Holy Sacraments, the children of God wounded by sin and will lead them straight to God’s heart.
In order to achieve this really divine goal, you have to feel and know our good God better as the Father and the Mother of your soul, as He really is for all of us, His children. Then you will feel deep in your soul what a newborn baby feels in his sweet mummy’s embrace. You will experience the serenity, the affection, the tenderness and the security which a baby feels through the adoration of his mother. And even though he can’t see clearly yet with his newborn eyes the mother who gave birth to him, he absolutely feels and understands the motherly love and affection she gives him. Likewise you will know as a little child or even better as a newborn baby the infinite love and adoration that our heavenly Father, who gave you life, has for you, in order to be able to speak about Him later, not only as a catechist but as His own beloved son. Speaking about our good God because you heard about Him from others differs a lot from speaking about Him because you experienced Him as your own affectionate and tender Father.
Be sure that, if you wish deeply in your soul to become a baby in the heart of our heavenly Father, then He will make you worthy to become a little apostle and evangelist, who will be spreading the message of His motherly love to all those children who will also desire to enter into His merciful divine heart.
Awaiting your decision, if you want to become a baby in the embrace of His divine heart, I send you fatherly blessings and wish that all the graces of the Holy Spirit fill you and your family.