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9. The angels of the soul

9. The angels of the soul

Divine nanny

Angela, with her mum Sophia’s help, loves her God even more and tries to become a little earthly angel. She loves all people and always behaves towards them with much spiritual politeness. Whenever she speaks, she tries to be like her sweet mummy. She takes care not to say something that would hurt others, but on the contrary, she gives much joy and merriment.  Whoever spends time with her feels her childish innocence, but also the source of love and goodness that comes from her angelic heart. Her general behavior gives you the feeling that you are seeing a little angel. The grownups realize the role that her pious mother plays in forming her daughter’s character combined with her personal desire to become a blessed child of God!

Mum Sophia adores her children like any mother and tries to be a role model to them with her virtuous life. For this reason, she always prays to her beloved God to enlighten her, so that whatever she does is according to His Holy Will. She understands how important her motherly role is towards her children, who God gave her, and she struggles with all the power of her soul to carry out this role. She recalls many times what her little girl told her once, when she embraced and covered her with kisses:
- My mummy, if only you knew how much I love you!
- How much do you love me my little angel?
- As much as our good God!
- I feel, my mummy, that He also loves me very much like you do! When you enclose me in your warm embrace, I think I'm in His arms and enjoy His divine caresses!
-Every mummy, my sweet little girl, is a little image of our good God’s affection and love here on earth. God wants, through us, to give you His love and adoration. He wants you, through our embrace and caresses, to feel how much He loves you and wants to enclose you in His own divine embrace. He wants you to know that He is the real Mother and Father of your soul.
-Mummy, since you gave birth to me, how is our good God my real mum and dad?
-My love, when I gave birth to you I only gave you your body from my body, while our good God was the one who put your precious soul into your little body. Your soul gives value to your body and makes you a perfect image of our most merciful God.
-Where was my soul, mum, before our good God put it into my body?
-It was in His divine heart and He was warming it with His infinite divine love, waiting for the time that I was pregnant so that He could put it in your little body, as the most precious gift.
-When I was in your tummy, mum, could our good God see me growing?
-Of course, my little one, He was watching you and was proud that you were slowly growing to become a nice little baby in your mother’s womb. He was filling my heart with the infinite richness of His love, so that I would love and adore you. He wanted you to receive His own love through my love and through my own affectionate kisses, His own infinite motherly adoration. He didn’t stop whispering in my ears how much He loves and adores you and that you are His own beautiful little lily.
-What else, mum, did He say to you?
-He was saying to me that I should never forget that you are His own little princess, whom He wanted to come to earth to live as an angel, as the angels do in heaven. He also was telling me, that He trusts your soul in my motherly hands so that I can help you to become the earthly angel He is dreaming of.
- My mummy, I am very happy that our good God has trusted my soul to your own motherly hands, because you are the sweetest mum in the world.
-I thank you, my baby, for your sweet words but I want you to know that I'm also very happy that you are my own daughter. Every day I thank Him for you and for your two siblings, who He gave me, as the greatest gift of my life. I beg Him to enlighten me by the grace of the Holy Spirit, so that I can bring you up according to His Holy Will, like His own divine nanny.
-What does divine nanny mean, mummy?
-That means, that I recognize that our good God is the real Mummy and Daddy of your soul and I gave birth to you knowing that you are His own child. As His own child I have to bring you up according to His own commands and guidance. He wants me to remind you of your royal origin, because your heavenly Daddy is the king of the world; therefore, you have to live and behave with nobility, kindness and goodness as befits the princess daughter of God our King.
-Mum, do you know that you're the sweetest divine nanny of the world? I will say to our good God that I am happy and I thank Him very much that you are my own mummy and the divine nanny of my soul! I will try not to ever hurt you and to always obey, with much confidence, the advice which our good God will give me through your own mouth. As our good God wants, I want you to help me to become an angel on earth, who will adore and love Him like the angels in heaven.

Conscience, the voice of the guardian angel

Mum Sophia is very happy with the children God gave her and never forgets to thank Him for them in her prayer. She begs Him all the time to enlighten her little angels to live on earth as His own princes and praise Him with their lives. However, she also never forgets to be the correct role model for them.
Sophia knows very well that the best lesson for children is not so much hearing nice words, but more so having the best role model. Every child can hear his parent’s words of advice which remain engraved in his memory, but what he always follows is the example of his parent. This happens unconsciously, without the child himself wanting to or realizing it. A parent’s influence on a child is so strong, that although he wishes to change, it is very difficult. But this was the original will of God, that is, for parents to live like angels and through the influence of their presence to transfer the experience of their angelic life to their children. But if we have a look today at all the world's children, we can understand how their parents have failed in this angelic life.
Many times Sophia kneels before the iconostasis to beg God to enlighten her by the Holy Spirit in order to be the shining role model to her children with her life. She loves the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, very much and she tries to imitate her holy life. She invites her several times in a day, through her prayer, to guide her with the upbringing of her children. She calls her "sweet Mummy" and like a little girl takes refuge in her motherly embrace for strength to carry out her own motherly duties.
She also loves the saintly angels, especially the Archangel Michael, but also her personal guardian angel. She begs them to protect her house from every evil but also to guide her how to worship her sweet King God with the flame of her love. Her great desire is for her children to love God as the angels in heaven do.
Little Angela loves the angels of heaven, especially those who were at the birth of her beloved little «Brother», and often prays to them. One day Sophia asked her daughter:
-Angela, what do you say to the angels of heaven in your prayer?
-I tell them, mum, how much I love them and how jealous I am of them. 
-Why are you jealous of them, my baby?
-Because I also wanted, my mum, to be together with them at the birth of our little Jesus, to see and tell Him how much I love Him!
-And now what do you say to your little angels?
-I ask them, mummy, that since they have the joy to be continually close to Him, to tell the Holy Infant, my little sweet "Brother" that I love Him very much like the angels and to give Him the sweetest kisses. They will tell Him mum, won’t they?
-Of course, my little girl, they will! But also your beloved "Brother" Jesus, as the God He is, hears what you say and you make Him happy with your great love and adoration you show Him. Indeed, He says to His angels to always be with you, to protect and to lead you to good and virtue.
-How do the angels lead us to virtue, mum?
-God gave them the authority to talk to us through the ears of our soul and help us understand good and bad, so that we can avoid whatever separates us from our good God and do what pleases Him and is according to His Holy Will.
-What are the ears of our soul mum?
-They are, my little girl, "our conscience". It is a great gift of God for our soul, so we can check whether something is from God or not. Through our conscience we secretly hear God's Will to implement it. Through our conscience, our angels whisper many times to us to guide us to the path of virtue.
-Those, mum, who do various bad things, don’t they listen to what the angels say to their conscience?
-There are many selfish people, my Angela, who don’t want to hear the voice of their conscience which tells them how evil what they are doing is. And while their conscience always tells them to do no evil, driven by the words of Satan who has persuaded them not to hear the voice of their conscience, but the voice of evil Lucifer erases the beneficial voice of their conscience with their selfishness and they do all sorts of evil.
-Wow, mummy, how much these people harm their souls! And does their conscience continue whispering to them?
-No, my child. When man repeatedly erases the voice of his conscience then it stops talking to him and advising him, but also stops controlling him in the evil which he is doing. It is the moment when man becomes "unconscious", so he can do everything, without fear of God, even the greatest evils. Conscience, my little girl, is the voice of God in our souls; therefore I always want you to listen to it.
-Mummy, sometimes I want to do something but I'm not absolutely sure if it's right and a voice inside me tells me that is not right to do it. So I don’t do it, and afterwards I realize that I acted well.
Is this the voice of my conscience?
-Yes, my child. It is the voice of God who wants through our guardian angel to protect us from something evil. The closer we are to God with the virtuous lifestyle we live, the stronger and clearer the voice of our conscience is. The more we want to imitate the life of angels, the louder we hear their sweet voices to lead us on the paths of heaven.

Angels, our friends

-When, mummy, are you going to talk to me about the angels of heaven and my guardian angel? I want to get to know him better in order to love him even more!
-The guardian angel of our soul, like all the angels of heaven, my Angela, are man’s most faithful and best friends. All angels love people very much and want to help us with our struggle to live in a virtuous manner as our good God wants. As they are intangible spirits, they are able to see with their angelic eyes the various attacks that our bitter enemies, who are the demons, make against us.
-How do angels help us, mum?
-In many ways, my little girl. Our good God has given them the authority when we ask for their help, depending on the trust we show them and our will to use their angelic help, to intervene and help us. Sometimes their help concerns our material body and other times our immortal soul.
-How do they help us with our body?
-Well, when we sometimes get sick or an accident may happen to us, or due to a plot of Satan something bad will happen to our health, then the angels intervene invisibly and chase the evil spirit away. But mainly, my Angela, their valuable help regards our immortal soul, which is the main target of evil Satan.
-Why does Satan fight our soul more?
-Because this is man’s most valuable possession. When the time appointed by God will come, our bodies will die and return to the soil and then God wants our immortal soul to go back from where it came, that is, into His divine heart. After the death of their body, He wants all the souls of His children to go to the heavenly kingdom, created by Him for us, in which we can live in absolute happiness and joy.
-I understand now, mummy, the envy of Lucifer and the demons! They don’t want to see somebody enter into the heavenly kingdom of our good God. They want them to follow evil Satan to hell, where he lives.
-That’s right, my little girl. Satan does everything to drive the most beautiful creation of God, man, to hell, where constant pain, sadness and everlasting tortures dominate. He uses the most unlikely cunning and devious means that a human mind can imagine in order to succeed.
-Mummy, is a man able to succeed by himself?
-No one can manage by himself, my child; if he doesn’t love and trust our good God absolutely, in order to obey Him without doubt and hesitation and follow His fatherly advice. Love, trust and obedience to the Holy Will of our good God, are what makes a soul strong enough to repel every evil attack and fly high like an eagle, up to the heavenly kingdom.

God’s book

-Many times, mum, we don’t know what the right way to fight against Satan is and we don’t know if by the way we behave, we are living as our good God wants.
-Τhat is true, my baby. But our heavenly Dad is aware of this; that’s why He gave us valuable help in our fight against Lucifer and his followers.
-What kind of help did He give us, mum?
-He gave us, my child, the Holy Gospel. Contained in this is all the wisdom of God our heavenly Father which helps us to know Him better and to love Him with all the power of our soul. The divine commandments which are contained in this holy book are the heavenly ladder which with ease and certainty lifts us up to the throne of His heart. We also learn from it how we can escape from the traps of Satan and how to keep our precious soul pure of any filth which evil Satan wants to infect it with. This book is so important for the salvation of our souls, that just its presence scares every evil spirit. There are many stories that reveal how much Satan fears the study of this sacred book, which is forcing him to stay away from those who study it attentively and with piety.
-Tell me, mummy, such a story.
-A holy elder was living once in a small monastery along with his disciple, a young monk. One day, when he was going to visit him, he saw an evil spirit outside his disciple’s cell ready to attack him. However, although he tried many times, he could not harm the young monk. A great power was repelling the demon and sending him away. The elder realized that his disciple was doing something very good, so that Satan was not able to tease him; therefore he went closer to see through the window what spiritual work was terrorizing the evil spirit.
Then he saw his disciple attentively studying the Holy Gospel with devoutness. This was the great power which was terrorizing the demonic spirit. When his disciple stopped reading and closed the book, then he fearfully saw Satan rush into his disciple’s cell to tease him with his evil traps. He realized then what great power the sacred book of God has, which every Christian family should have in their house to study with devoutness and implement its divine commandments.
-Do all Christian homes have this book of God?
-Unfortunately, my child, there are a few Christians who have this holy book in their homes and even less people who study it. That’s why Satan has great power against modern Christians who live without the necessary spiritual food of God's word.
-Now I understand why you, my mummy, read to us a passage of the Bible every night and you explain it to us. You do it in order to strengthen our souls by the teaching of our beloved God, isn’t it so mum?
-Yes, my sweet little girl. Each mummy who feels the great honour which God gives her by trusting His own children to be raised by her as princes of the heavenly King, should teach them only the commands which are given by Him through His heavenly book, the holy Bible and not her own thoughts and theories.
Then God rewards every good mummy who, as His divine nanny, helped His children to become earthly angels.
-I can imagine, mummy, how embittered God is with those mummies who don’t care to raise His children properly, as He would like!
-He is very saddened with those mummies and therefore He often allows them to see for themselves their disastrous motherly indifference to their children.
-What do these mums see in their children?
-They see, my little girl, their children become bad, insolent, blasphemous, impious, silly, rude and generally having bad manners, that no mummy would want their children to have.
-Those mums will be very upset, won’t they?
-Yes, my Angela, they will be. But most of all God is very upset seeing His children, due to their parents’ carelessness, become victims in the hands of Satan. As a Father, who does not want any of His children to be lost, He is sad but He also gets angry with those mummies who didn’t trust Him and didn’t help with their correct words and their role model so that His children will be saved from demonic influences.
-But with you, my sweet mummy, He will be very pleased, because you struggle like an angel to teach us how all your children can live an angelic life.
I feel you are, my mummy, like my earthly guardian angel and I always want to listen and do what you tell me!

The two angels

-Our good God, my Angela, gives each child two angels, an earthly and a heavenly one. The earthly angel is the mummy who gives birth to him. The heavenly angel is a personal guardian angel which is given by God to each little child at the time they are baptized and become a Christian. Both angels are personal guardians of each child as long as he lives here on earth. That's why every mummy is unique for each child, as well as the heavenly guardian angel is unique for every child as long as he lives here on earth. God has given an order to both these angels, neither of them is to ever be separated from him, but their arms are to be the safest harbour of his soul.
-Wow, mummy, what great love our heavenly Father has for us!
-The good God’s love and adoration for all of us is so great, that He wants to be sure that all His children can live here on earth with the necessary love and protection for their souls. But He wants us all to know; we as your guardian angels and you as children, that His love and affection floods and stimulates all our hearts.
-Mummy, what you are doing to me, does my heavenly guardian angel do it too?
-Yes, my little girl. You can see and feel my arms, my caresses, my kisses but also my motherly advice because I am human. But because your heavenly angel is an immaterial spirit, your immaterial soul senses him more. Although you cannot see him with your human eyes, he is felt and sensed by the eyes of your spiritual soul. You hear his divine words that strengthen you towards good and virtue and your soul is rested by the love and adoration he gives you like a mummy. Then the soul feels serenity and peace and joy, and happiness prevails.
-When I go to school and you're not with me, does my angel come with me?
-He never leaves you alone. He is the only guardian that protects you all day and night. Wherever you go, he always has his angelic wings upon you and doesn’t let anyone hurt you, as long as you allow him to by living a proper Christian life.
-What is it, mummy that upsets him and doesn’t allow him to intervene in our soul in order to help us?
-When a man, my child, is very selfish and instead of doing God’s will, he hears only whatever Satan puts in his mind, then the guardian angel cannot help this soul. He is not allowed to help a soul when it refuses his help. Doesn’t the same thing happen with all mummies? It depends on the child listening and following his mummy's advice. If he wants, he follows her advice, if he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t, even though it displeases his mummy.
-The guardian angel would be very sad when the soul who was entrusted to him by our good God neither hears him nor lets him help it, wouldn’t it mummy?
-He is very sad, as well as his earthly angel, his mummy who gave birth to him. But most of all, our sweet God is sad, when He sees His child walking the path of self-destruction with so much selfishness. Every child who doesn’t listen to his mother, or his holy angel, can easily be guided by Satan and fall down to evil.
-I want, my mummy, to listen to you as well as my beloved guardian angel and I want to make both of you very happy.
-I and also your angel, my little girl, are very happy that God has given us such a beautiful and good child to protect. However, every time we see you love our beloved God the Father more and more, it makes us happier.
-What should I do, my mummy, to make my angel even happier?
-Do what he does all day. Your angel thinks about his King God all day and loves Him with all the power of his existence.
-My mummy, I also love our good God!
-I know my little girl. This is the first step to reach our good God’s embrace. But it takes you two more steps to climb, so that you enter into the heart of your beloved God and live absolute joy and happiness there. The first one is the absolute trust and the other one is the absolute obedience to His Holy Will. Through absolute trust you enter into the heart of your King. But through your absolute obedience to His fatherly commands, your soul will become one with His infinite divine Love and Compassion with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is the very moment that every angelic soul disappears like a raindrop into the infinite ocean of divine happiness.
This is, my baby, what is asked of me by our sweet king God to help you to succeed, as your earthly mummy, but also as your divine nanny.
-Does my guardian angel also want to help me to achieve it?
-Yes, my princess, your guardian angel and I are called to work on the same project. Our good God wants both of us to teach you how to live as His own angel here on earth, so that after the death of the physical body to take your angelic soul and put it beside Him, among the other angels of heaven. There, in the heavenly kingdom, you will enjoy eternal absolute joy and happiness that only God knows how to give.
-Now, my mummy, I understand how important your and also my holy angel’s role is for my soul. I would like to tell you how much I love both of you and how much I thank our good God for both of you.
-He hears, my child, those words of your gratitude and blesses you even more. The only thing He is asking from you at the present time, since you're still young child, is to love, respect and trust the mummy He gave you. And as a first example of your obedience to His Will, He asks you to listen and apply with your childish faith and simplicity what your mummy, who loves and adores you as nothing else on earth, is telling you to do.
-I promise to our good God, my mummy, that I will always listen to your sweet motherly words and I will try with absolute trust to apply them in my life. I want you, my mummy, to help me to hear my guardian angel’s voice too, because from today on I want him to be my best friend and my companion in my life.

Mum Sophia took her angel, her little Angela, in her arms, and covered her with her kisses and caresses, while two tears of love and gratitude to her beloved God were rolling down both her cheeks.